Web:  dashingmag.com
Readership/Circulation: 108594 views  (Dec 2011 – Feb 2013)

The Dashing Collective was founded on the mutual love of three busy girls who craved a real and relatable design-led magazine, packed full of stylish inspirational features, gorgeous photo shoots and creative craft projects for everyone to enjoy! Charley, Fanni and Josie come from a varied background in styling, music, photography and design, combining their talents and experience into one publication…Dashing Magazine.

My role on Dashing is as creative director and photographer. As the sole designer I create visually interesting layouts in each issue which as our feedback shows, our readers simply love! And as photographer, I capture quirky cool images from feature fashion shoots through to DIY tutorials. I also produce and publish each issue via the online ISSUU platform.

Programs used: Lightroom + Photoshop + InDesign + ISSUU